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Payment & Returns

Returns are accepted within a 14 day window for damaged goods. If there is damage to your artifact or doll please keep all packing material and take pictures. Returns will be used by the same carrier and we must show damage. We will pay returns.

If your item is not damaged but you don’t like it, then you can exchange your item by paying shipping both ways.

All items are handmade and may differ from any pictures shown on the website to social media sites, our eBay store, Amazon, Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest. We cannot guarantee feather colors, clothes colors, pottery colors, etc. However, all damages will be guaranteed. Our Native American artists work with the highest quality.

Payment Options: We offer payment through PayPal or Square. They accept all forms of credit cards.

We are an online store only. We require a valid shipping address and are not responsible for your address changes. Please update your shipping and billing before purchase. If you are shipping a gift please make sure the address is correct. This is your responsibility.

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